Kumuda OS 1.0 (Soma) Officially Released !

Kumuda OS

"Kumuda OS is an Operating System designed with 

latest features & security for everyone who want to unleash their potential.

It's Free and Easy to use."

Visit our website to know more: www.kumuda-os.com

Check the Screenshots:  Click Here

Release Notes of Kumuda OS :



  1. Hi!
    One question: in live mode, not installed, how can I use wireless connection? Kumuda don't see my wireless conection. If I use ethernet conector, no problem.
    May I meed to install something?
    Remember I am usin live mode not installed!

    1. Thank you for Supporting our project, Answer: You can Install the Driver that your hardware requires... by the way which wifi adapter do you use ?

    2. you can open terminal & type "lspci" to list detailed information about all PCI buses and devices connected to the system & now you can check which network controller or wireless card you have on your system... I can provide better solution if you tell me about it.

    3. Thanks
      I look for and write you again...


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